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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Cinematic Trailer

I know I will never play WoW.. But the trailer gave me peoplebumps! I just LOVED the animation here so much!

Creature Forge #61

I was browsing through the wonderful world of CGHUB (It's so wow to me because I just recently began to check it out.) and I came across this

Diablo would probably be one video game I REALLY like playing. It's a bit tense at some points, and yes I agree there are a lot of erm 'evil' things in there, but I really love the characters and well, the gameplay is a hell lotta fun in general.
This would probably be my first ever drawing challenge, but I am SO up for it. I've been down a loooong time with no zest to try something new especially with respect to animation and drawing, so I guess this shouldn't be too bad. Onward and Upward! How bad can it get, anyway?

Why do I want ice cream..


A White Blank Page..

..And a swelling raaAAAaaage.. (Mumford and Sons really made me laugh there.)

Moar derawweenks!

Moar Digital Drawings

Photoshop, Maya and Corel Painter are like my children. Can't decide which one I love more, but Photoshop will always be my first-born, Corel Painter will always by my youngest child, and Maya would tend to be the forgotten middle child whose name I'd keep forgetting, yet adore very much, mind you.


Gotta love the way my Spanish friends pronounce the word. It's so spot on in my opinion!
Anyhoo, on with a coupla old works from eons ago..

(Pardon the quality of the images.. They were taken so long ago by my vga camera phone!

Hello World!

About time that I have a page that's got the best part of my life..My drawings and animation. 
So sit back, recline in your computer chair/bean bag, and enjoy!

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Happy viewing!